From the Juan Santamaría International Airport, take Route 1 Interamericana north, you must  drive for 45 minutes and exit the intersection Naranjo – San Carlos 141 route, then drive in the town  of Sucre it deviates for another 10 km to the town of San José de la Montaña, at the end of the road  you will find La Reserva.The driving time from San José is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

Temperatures vary between 9ºC and 18ºC, with an average annual rainfall of 3,500mm (140 inches).

It is advisable to wear closed toe shoes or rubber boots. Please do not forget to bring warm clothes.  We also recommend using repellent, sunscreen, a raincoat or poncho, extra clothing and of course,  don’t forget your camera.

Once you are inside the cloud forest, relax and enjoy the experience. If you take the guided tour, it  will be easier for you to listen to the guide, they know the area and wildlife very well, and can recognize  the signs that animals are present.

If you opt for the self-guided hike stay alert, be observant and  hopefully you will get to see some animals. Watch out for roots, vines and thorns, be quiet to avoid  scaring the animals away and please don’t feed them. 

At the end of your walk you can enjoy a  delicious lunch or coffee in the restaurant of our facilities.  


Es importante vestir ropa confortable, zapatos para caminata, poncho para lluvia, botella con agua, repelente para mosquitos, bloqueador solar, equipo fotográfico y óptico, para que así logre tener una experiencia excepcional.


 Montaña Sagrada One Day tour includes guide and lunch. There is food service open to the  public Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 3pm  


Montaña Sagrada One Day Tour 5 hours

Montaña Sagrada Day Pass 3 hours


The road is accessible for all types of vehicle. There is no public transport service.