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Natural beauty

Montaña Sagrada Tour

Energias Renovables Tour

Renewable Energies

We will show you how hydroelectric energy is generated in Costa Rica, the only country that produces 100% of its electricity with renewable sources

Montaña Sagrada Tour

Montaña Sagrada

Natural treasure of the Cloud Forest.

Carbono Tour


Know the positive impact in our forests, as we work together against climate change.


Live the experience by enjoying authentic Costa Rican rural tourism.

There are many things to do in San Carlos.

Wonders of the Cloud Forest

Learn about the production of clean energy

Learn about the carbon fixation process

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How to get there?

Montaña Sagrada

San Carlos, Ciudad Quesada, 9km east of Sucre in Juan Castro Blanco National Park.

Renewable Energies

Heredia, Sarapiquí, Horquetas, in the town of Cubujuquí